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 Posted: Wed Feb 3rd, 2010 10:16 am
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Right, finally getting around to an update on this (got a bit busy fixing the car, vacuum cleaner, fridge again, coffee machine, house renovations etc - I swear there is something wrong with the balance in the Universe at the moment).

Replaced the wire on the heater plate with a microtemp thermal fuse, rated at 240V and 10 Amps - they're a dime a dozen on the Internet.

Ran a full cycle, and no issues with either the heating of the water, or the drying cycle at the end.  I'll post back if it fails later on.

It did only just fit though - it's slightly longer than the gap on the heating plate, so I had to bend the wire on the fuse back under itself.  This then made it sit higher, but I've still got about 2mm clearance to the plastic backing plate.  I probably could have soldered it on a slight angle to make it sit lower, but I'm happy with the clearance.

Anyway, it all appears ok, and should be nice and safe again (though as a rule I never run appliances if I am out of the house).  Happy heater plate fixing!