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 Posted: Thu Jan 28th, 2010 02:13 am
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Our MAH3000AWW is acting somewhat like this, but is not spinning correctly. It seems to wash OK & the door seems to lock OK, but on normal wash cycle the spin cycle seems slower and shorter than it did for the first 5-6-7 years (during which time we had the moldy-seal syndrome and warr. repair, and a board switch out).

Strangely, in the Quick Wash mode the spin cycle seems to work better than in the normal but still not up to par.

We have to manually run it through several (+) spin cycles in the Quick wash mode to achieve any reasonably spun load. Even when doing this, we have to re-start the spin cycle by unplugging the washer and going 'round to spin again. If we don't do this, the load can be dripping w/water coming out (even with Cotton/Max settings).

Hope this is not TMI, but it is baffling. Help/Advice/Counsel would be most welcome.

-Addled in Atlanta-