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 Posted: Fri Aug 19th, 2005 06:21 pm
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Hi there,

I didn't have much luck finding a tech sheet :( As it was I kind of needed a working dishwasher (visiting folks abound) so I sucked it up and paid for GE service.

The issue was a full overflow trap which pushes up a toilet-style float and trips a small switch. This effectively freezes the dishwasher in "drain" cycle and for whatever reason puts the panel on Heated Dry. Caused by too much soap or accidental or accumulated inclusion of regular or hand soap (from dishes w/ soap in them in the sink).

Taking off the toe kick and removing a couple panels under the dishwasher lets you barely see the tiny tray that was the culprit, and you can sneak paper towels into one edge of it to dry it out and return it to service.