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 Posted: Fri Apr 22nd, 2005 02:49 am
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partsiam wrote: so i installed a new erc and membrane assy ($130) and hoped upon all hopes that it was indeed the problem. i restored power, kept my fibgers crossed and........beep beep beep beep F1....arrrggghhhh..


They were probably never the problem in the first place.  Only once have I ever recieved a bad ERC and I have never received a bad membrane switch. 


the temp sensor fault makes sense - but i have to ask - where is it located? i noticed when i pulled the front panel off to replace the erc that there was a small cylindrical object, about the size of a film container, located on the top surface of the stove wall. it has two wires going to it. i suspect this is the sensor but am looking for guidance.

 That cylindrical object is the sensor.  It's two wires connect to the ERC.  You can remove those wires from the ERC and test the resistance of the sensor using your ohm meter.  The sensor was most likely the problem all along-- much less expensive part than either the ERC or the membrane switch.

You should return the unneeded replacement ERC to your vendor-- it's an Honor kind of a deal, you know.

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