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 Posted: Fri Apr 22nd, 2005 02:37 am
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hi - i'm new to your forum and have read many pages on your site. i have learned much about my stove (magic chef ces3670aab) in the past week. i searched for info because i too had an f1 error and have mechanical/electrical repair capabilities. several sites mentioned the erc being bad so i purchased a new one from my local distributor. i should mention that i tried all the obvious fixes, power off, cancel button, etc., to no avail. so i installed a new erc and membrane assy ($130) and hoped upon all hopes that it was indeed the problem. i restored power, kept my fibgers crossed and........beep beep beep beep F1....arrrggghhhh..

i got in touch with the parts distributor to tell them all i've done and that i believe the new erc they sent was defective. they appologized and shipped another unit free of charge - told me to scrap the old one - but i'm leary of installing a new erc after reading the posts here.

the temp sensor fault makes sense - but i have to ask - where is it located? i noticed when i pulled the front panel off to replace the erc that there was a small cylindrical object, about the size of a film container, located on the top surface of the stove wall. it has two wires going to it. i suspect this is the sensor but am looking for guidance.

something else that seems to be odd - i was cooking rice on the burner and after tapping the spoon on the pan the f1 reset itself from the tapping and then went back to f1 again. this happened a couple of times but it never reset itself for any more than 10 - 15 seconds.

well - long winded i know - but i thought you should have as much info as possible to be able to guide me.