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 Posted: Thu Aug 18th, 2005 05:08 pm
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I have a Kitchenaid model KUDM01TJBS. It seems to be stuck in a certain sequence. When I press start, the "wash"  and "normal" indicators come on and the main motor runs. After 8 seconds, the "heater" indicator comes on, then goes off, then the "rinse" , "dry", and "clean" indicators come on in sequence for about 1 second each. The motor says on until the "clean" indicator comes on.   After this, everything turns off.

I have checked all of the following items to verify proper operation with an ohmmeter:

door switch, level switch, thermister (reading 55K), OT thermostat, fill valve (1 K), heater element (10 ohms), main motor (5 ohms), pump motor (16 ohms), thermal fuse.

I have checked all of the buttons on the panel. All work correctly with the exception of the delay selection. When you push the delay button, the "4 hour delay" indicator flashes 3 times and I cannot sequence to the 2 hour or 8 hour delay. The main motor and the pump motor both work, as I tested the pump motor manually with some jumpers.

I have the feeling the sequence board is bad, but it still is doing something. Shouldn't it just work or not work instead of doing this funny sequence? Am I missing something?


the chapped-handed sandpiper from NC.