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 Posted: Sat Dec 26th, 2009 02:09 am
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nickfixit wrote: nice work, but you didn't include all the required curse words when installing the clip.

I perfer "stupid bastards"

With the thin washer, the clip went on pretty easily as depicted with the pliers. This was adequate according to the procedure, the brake disengaged and the drum started to spin while the arrow was between the lines, HOWEVER it was pretty close to the last line... I like my stuff towards the tighter side of the tolerance. I decided to add the thick washer anyhow to make it spin closer toward the first line. This way, the cam could wear a little more before it failed again... By that time, I suppose there'll be other problems with this machine.

When I added the thick washer, the clip was slightly more difficult and did require an undocumented tool and procedure... However, I could not wield the tool and the camera at the same time.

The BFH and the screwdriver makes short work of those clips. :D

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