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 Posted: Fri Dec 18th, 2009 04:33 am
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Just read from Bestbuy forum:

Here’s our story of a continuing battle to get our washer repaired.  Don’t make the same mistake, LG is not reliable, the third party service contractor is incompetent and Best Buy can only offer the “we understand your frustration” mantra.  We decided to retire our US built washer only because it was old.  Though tired and a bit noisy, it always completed the wash cycle.  It needed infrequent repairs and parts were always readily available.

The expensive LG front loader looked good as an energy saver so we took the plunge and purchased the WM0532HW along with the Best Buy 5 yr performance service plan.  The wash didn’t come out any cleaner and the machine frequently went unbalanced, stopping the wash cycle and display an unbalance error code.  The LG does this with any size load from one pair of pants to a full load.  Our old machine would have simply vibrated a bit and perhaps make noise, but would always finish.
Eventually the machine began to intermittently stop during a cycle and display a different error, LE.  This would go away if we left the machine alone or unplugged for a few hours to a few days, we lived with this for a while but leaving the wet clothes in the machine literally stinks.  The stopping and LE error display became more frequent until we decided to get it fixed under the performance plan. 
That first call was back before Thanksgiving, today is Martin Luther King day and not only is the machine not fixed, it is worse than when service was first called 56 days and 5 repair visits ago.  Here’s the history of repair visits:
11/24/08 reported initial problem to best buy
11/26/08 Repairman inspected machine, ordered motor parts
12/8/08 Replaced 3 parts: Stator assembly Part No.4417FA1994G, Rotor assembly Part No. 4413EA1002B, Hall Sensor Part No. 6501KW2002A
12/10/08 Machine stopped and displayed LE again, called best buy, made an appointment for the 13th
12/17/08 Service call delayed to  17th Replaced 2nd Hall Sensor Part No. 6501KW2002A
12/26/08 Machine stopped and displayed LE again, called best buy, made an appointment for the 30th
12/30/08 Repairman Called LG Service and diagnosed main board problem, ordered main board
1/7/09 Repairman installed main PCB assembly Part No.  6871ER1023Q – THIS COMPLETELY DISABLED THE WASHER!!!!
1/8/09 ordered a new board Part No. unknown, delivery date unknown
 So we are stuck with a non functioning washer hauling clothes to the laundromat and waiting…
Every service visit means taking time off from work which you best buy folks just don’t understand.  We’ve had several of the bb service folks recommend the machine for replacement to corporate only for the corporate folks to say stupid stuff like “ we only see one repair order”  while I’ve been able to confirm  all of the above dates with your phone folks.  Can't you guys communicate? Corporate now actually has us calling the 3rd party service to get copies of repair orders to fax to them – its just incredible!  We are fed up.

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