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 Posted: Mon Dec 14th, 2009 03:37 am
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Does anybody have the tech sheet and or error codes for a Jenn Air Dual Wall oven, 240 VAC?
Model: W30400P    SN 157107077F
Customer has this oven with dim display. Aha! a new clock board needed. Oh, butr also sometimnes it shuts down in the middle of a cycle.
Hmmmm.... Waaaell, It might just be an EOC BUT... there might be more to this you understand? Good, we'll change the EOC and cross our fingers.
The display lights up and Huzzah!
So wouldnt cha know it?
3 days later comes that CALL......
God knows where to begin cause I AIN"T GOT THE FRIGGIN TECH SHEET!
Gone, missing, flown the coop, 86'd, nix, nada, nuttin, nuts.
Hey lady, without that sheet I cant figger out where to start looking!
So ya'll
Anybody have access to one of them bad puppies?

Bob Sankie

Oh yeah. Have a suitably acceptable holiday!

Robert Sankie
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