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 Posted: Tue Dec 1st, 2009 12:13 am
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I have a SubZero 700TC built in fridge. Build date 2001. Over the last 30 days the temp has crawled up and it is now warm. The freezer section is perfectly cold. The SERVICE light has been blinking.

I removed the panels and defrosted the condesor. There was just a little ice on the skinny pipe that enters the condensor. I cleaned the radiator on the bottom of the fridge near the floor of all lint and dirt. I started the fridge back up and over night it was cold 36F again.

Returned home today to find it warm after 4 days. I noticed the recir fan on the roof is intermittent. When I first open the door, sometimes it was spinning, sometimes it was dead. I plan to replace that.

I feel as if it isn't getting enough cold fluid through the system. What can I check? Will a dead recirc fan cause all this trouble? Does the fluid need to be recharged?

Repairman wants $135 just to look at it and they are booked for more than a week and told me to call someone else.

Please help

Offering $10 paypal to anyone that troubleshoots the problem enough that I can fix it myself.


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