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 Posted: Sun Nov 8th, 2009 07:05 pm
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iceman wrote:
1) Was the arcing caused by grease or by the normal failure mode of this product?

1) Try to obtain a schematic of the power converter board. 

Oh, and don't forget the flip Panasonic the bird.

Thank you for this nice reply, iceman, Master of the Panasonic !

Thank you for the link to the 12 laws... should have read that before hehe !

1) Well, removing grease removed arcing between power board and a ground screw when the microwave is working, but yes I guess it's just delaying its death a few more years...

1) Getting a schematic for an inverter power board from a discontinued Panasonic microwave ? Pretty much impossible, isn't it ?

You have many valid points, but these damn large microwaves with integrated hood fan vents are several hundred $$$ expensive... so I may want to try replace that 5$ diode... I will not play with the magnetron or waveguide, don't worry, be happy !

As you said, if that doesn't work, it will be lost time, lost money and a lost cause, so I need to further think about it. That diode is probably not the only damaged part.

Agreed on the "flip the bird" part... ;-)

Thank you again for your insight !