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 Posted: Thu Apr 21st, 2005 01:45 pm
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Pulled fridge out in January to clean the coils and was quite disgusted with my findings.  Earlier this month, I vacuumed the coils again.  With a dog and an old fridge, I think I'm going to try to keep the "every 3 months" schedule going. 

All fans are working, at least as far as I can tell.  When you ask 'how hot?,' are you looking for an actual degree or just a "by feel" reading?  I suppose resting my digital probe on the compressor would give me some reading, but I don't know how accurate. 

I'm curious to see what the fridge temperatures are this evening since that gives the timer almost 20 hours to stabilize things.  I will go at the thermometer either tonight (depending on my disposition...was up very late last night) or my day off tomorrow. 

There is one tear in the fresh food gasket.  Bottom corner.  The worst area, visually, is the top section of the fresh food door.  Methinks that has more to do with lack of cleaning than a tear.  This fridge doesn't have to last more than a couple years.  I will be inheriting my parent's SxS when they remodel their kitchen and that could be any time now so I really don't want to drop another $55 for a gasket if I don't need to.  If we decide to keep this fridge and get rid of the one in the basement, I don't think I'll question the gasket purchase.  I will be purchasing a refrigerator thermometer (to keep in the freezer or the fresh food area) tomorrow so I can keep track of temperature.

Thanks for all the help.