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 Posted: Wed Oct 28th, 2009 06:30 am
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BTW, I did eventually fix this problem for good:
I bought a nice new set of Whirlpool Duets.

I kind of wish I'd bought the spiffy red LG units they had at Lowe's, but I got a screaming deal on the White Duets.

Our long skinny laundry room was 1" wider than the combined width of the Duets, so I ripped open the wall and moved all the pipes and wires.

The laundry room used to look like a hallway, where some confused person had installed a washer-dryer set facing the left wall. Now the laundry room now looks like a long skinny hallway that some confused person installed appliances at the end of.

And the Small Samurai? He is now much bigger, and is sitting on my shoulders as I type, explaining that, "What all the da words, Daddy? I gonna build a tower crane next week, daddy. It be really big one! Yeah! Now I gotta check on mommy."