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 Posted: Mon Oct 26th, 2009 03:10 pm
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thanks i thought that might be it its on the high voltage board. it has a green dot on side??? maybe different from others for easy identification. Anyway, ill look at this and check it.  would there be a part number on it? Do i need to call Panasonic? I just hate to not try to fix things so im willing to tinker. not willing to spend a fortune or replace an expensive board. its less than 5 years old and im wondering if panasonic would fix it for free? whats up with the tamper proof torx screws on the case??? lmao! that is the picture I have of the components so the big copper wire thing is a transformer? never seen one qquite like that. looking at the post below regarding the waves etc. might be willing to actually hook it up to a scope and check it. there is an adjustment pot on board. whats that for any idea?