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 Posted: Thu Apr 21st, 2005 11:51 am
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First, get us the complete model# -- not the number off your book or anyother papers you have. Look on the machine and give the # that is on the Model/Serial# tag. (You're missing a letter and a number at the end of what you gave)

It's going to be one of two problems, bad lid switch/lock unit or timer.

Timer is very easy to remove, push knob in/off and turn counter clockwise - knob screws off. You will then find the two screws holding the timer to the front panel under the dial skirt which should just pull off after knob is unscrewed.

After you get the timer out you should be able to remove the protective plastic cover easily and look at all the points. I'm sure your going to find the points burnt at the contacts where the red wire with white strip (The pump line voltage) goes into the timer.

I'm pretty sure your lid switch/lock is ok since from what you posted, it sounds like the machine is spining just not draining. If the lid switch/lock was bad you wouldn't have spin.

If you find the points are burnt you can try to clean them up to test and verify this is your problem or you can order a timer from RepairClinc and if it doesn't take care of your problem you can return it. Give a complete model# and I can direct you to the correct part.

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