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 Posted: Thu Apr 21st, 2005 04:21 am
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At the risk of sounding like a moron (which is not too far off in this particular field), I did replace the 10-hour timer with the 8-hour universal timer recommended.  As far as the thermometer goes, though...uh...I didn't find it.  I need Batman (TV show with Adam West, not the current manifestations) signage telling me everything.  Searching the Sears parts website didn't show a thermometer as a part.  Yeah, I know, it has to have one.  I did find something that may have been the thermo, but it was different.  It is above the coils in the freezer section - the top 3rd of which was thickly frosted all the way across - with two wires connected to the wiring "cluster" and a ground from the cluster, to the fan motor (the replacement has no area for a ground, btw). 

The timer was quite different, too.  I found the timer (even with a Batman sign) and it is darn near twice the size of the new one.  I understand there have been at least a couple innovations and technological advances from when this was made to now that could concievably resulted in a vastly smaller timer.  My main concern is the lack of a grounding "prong" for the wire to clip on like the original.  Is this a problem?

After you clean up the beer you just blew out your nose when you read of my incompetence, would you counsel me in this?


p.s.  What is the 'dial' on the bottom of the timer for?  Is it a manual on/off that you need to actuate initially?  I was disheartened when I plugged the fridge back in, turned it on and got nothing in return.  Once I turned the timer 'dial' one click, the fridge came on.