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 Posted: Thu Apr 21st, 2005 02:20 am
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Icing up is the problem.  I thawed it out Friday and it was iced up again Monday.  I would have to imagine that's too fast.  I have checked the gasket.  While it looks almost moldy in some areas, it seems to seal all around.  I have not checked the fresh food area since I haven't really had much of a problem (though it isn't as cold as it was prior to Friday).

All the fans I have seen in the unit (behind the back wall in the freezer, under the fresh food section) all seem to work just fine.  Once I thawed out the freezer coils and unclogged the drain, the excess water drained down into the pan beneath the unit which is now dry.  That seems to be working as it should.


p.s.  Glad to see a fellow Ohioan.