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 Posted: Mon Sep 21st, 2009 07:11 pm
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Will do when I get home tonight. The problems seem to be restricted to the upper oven so up till now I have focused on the upper oven temperature sensor.

He is the typical sequence of events. Turn oven on. It preheats successfully to 350F. Put food in. Come back in 20-30 minute and oven is flashing F1-1 code, oven has no heat and indicating that we have to call a 800 number. Hit the cancel button and the F1-1 code usually goes away. Sometimes you have to do this several times but eventually the code goes away atleast until the next occurence.

Bottom oven seems to work fine.

I took a close look at the connectors to the temperature sensor. They looked ok. and resistance seemed to test ok across the sensor and where it connects to the circuit board.