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 Posted: Sun Sep 20th, 2009 12:04 am
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We followed the steps in this thread in order to remove our inner basket, sand off the rust & repaint.  In doing so, we broke the old, large white lint filter and replaced it with the new small black lint filter plugs. 

However, when we put everything back together again, there is a large (about 1") gap between the inner metal basket and the bottom of the agitator.  We've walked carefully through the parts looking at the assembly diagram and at the photos we took while taking the machine apart.  Everything looks right but we are novices and must be missing something! 

An other clue:  it seems like the inner metal basket is sliding down too far on the shaft.  When we replace the large nut that attaches to the block, it seems fine.  But when we then add the rectangular plastic washer that has a post on the top and bottom, the bottom post doesn't slide into the slot in the block as far as I think it should. 

Is there something, a type of spacer, that is supposed to go under the metal inner basket, between it and the outer plastic tub now that we've removed the old white plastic lint filter?

Finally, there is one more clue that may or may not be related.  The washer no longer spins.  It will agitate, but not spin.  If this isn't related, we'll solve that problem next. 

We have learned a lot from this site and all the advice that has been given to others.  Thanks!