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 Posted: Thu Sep 10th, 2009 06:02 pm
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I'd also like to resurrect this thread to say that I might be getting a 2+ year old PFS22MIW (bottom freezer, french doors) repaired for free.  I called the 800-894-8477 number and found that I am covered under the main board concession program.  The symptoms I have are the sound of a small internal combustion engine running non-stop while the freezer and fridge temps continue to rise (35+ and 50+ now).  I suspect the compressor is failing, and know it is covered under the sealed system 5-year warranty, but didn't want a $200-$300 surprise if the main board was the cause.  Since I'm covered there, I am having GE send someone (not for FOUR DAYS! :X)

Thanks in advance (fourth repair from this site)