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 Posted: Wed Sep 2nd, 2009 10:40 am
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Hi, the top drawer on my DD603 stopped working at the start of a wash cycle (there's a caustic smell to the water sitting in the base).

The bottom drawer works fine, but the top drawer doesn't register any power.  I've swapped out the control boards (which are both pretty new anyway) and it still doesn't work.  I also swapped over the LCD modules - still not showing any power on the top drawer.

Looking at the wiring diagram for this model, I can see that there are two live wires that come into the control board - I've tested these and they are both showing the correct voltage, so there's power going into the control board.

The wiring diagram also shows the these two live wires continue over the heater plate, and I notice that there's a thermal fuse in there.

I'm guessing that the thermal fuse has failed - would this be a reasonable assumption?

If so:
- how do I remove the thermal fuse?
- is it a replaceable part? (i.e. can I purchase it from F&P - I've read that it is simply solder)
- if a thermal fuse has gone, does this mean that there is another issue with the heating plate, or is this a part that regularly goes?

Could it also be something else?

Thanks heaps,