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 Posted: Wed Apr 20th, 2005 08:16 pm
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     The force is telling me your freezer door is frozen inside.   To confirm this open the freezer door.  Squeeze the thin parts of the door liner on the top and two side.  Do you hear ice crackling?  I'm going to guess your fridge 2 to 3 years old.

     Your chute door solenoid is rusty from being sweat on and that's why it's not opening properly and probably not closing properly either.  That's why your ice chute gets frosty.  Look for little rust stains or drip stains on the recess on the freezer door where you put your glass to get ice and water.

     You need to call GE.  The person on the phone is going to make you agree to pay the service call or they won't schedule your service call.  If you are lucky the tech will show up and do the right thing and order you new thicker doors at no charge.    

     There is a moisture kit that works a percentage of the time that the techs are instructed to "try" first.   He might say "bad heater".  That means the 2 watt heater they put in to get good energy ratings is insufficient and needs to be replaced with a ten watt recess heater.  It really doesn't help the poor insulation problem.  It just helps to overcome it by stopping the sweating.

     Now I've taken the time to give you this information its taken me years to acquire.  Please be sure and keep us posted on what's goes on with GE so I'll know what to tell the next person who ask.

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