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 Posted: Sun Aug 16th, 2009 08:50 pm
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Bringing this post back from the past.

My GE had the ghosts, then the other day the fan in the freezer started ticking (didn't want to start) and no ice or water.

Called a guy out to fix it, and while he was gone to get a new board I found this website and the GE parts problem with the mother board.

Also found out GE might cover the costs.

Called them. They answered on the second ring, told me yes they would cover this 4 year old model. Faxed in the bill. Two hours later they called and asked what the cost of the part was. Told them I didn't know, guy gave me one price, parts and labor. She said she would contact him and I'd get my money.

Never would have known if it wasn't for this great site.

I'm one happy dude.


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