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 Posted: Fri Jul 31st, 2009 05:17 am
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Alfred wrote: It's interesting to note that every time the space shuttle lifts off, several hundred thousand pounds of Ammonium perchlorate are released into the atmosphere; each booster contains 1.1 million pounds of propellant.  The government doesn't seem too concerned about this fact....

As some of you have said, I still prefer a good two stage pump, and when you think about it, with all you must bring in, (scales or charging cylinder, torch set, tool set, filter-drier, compound gauge set....) the trade off between a cumbersome "reclaim bag" (which, of course must be reclaimed itself :? at some point) and a small vac pump & tank isn't a big deal to me.  Those bags don't last forever and they ain't cheap, either....

Re the space shuttle....Yeah, that and all the tons of "greenhouse" gases released by the tousands of jets that take off from airports across the nation  and throughout the world daily...

Couldn't agree more about reclaim bags. My main complaint about these gas bags is their volume. A good vac pump and reclaim cylinder weigh more but contain a lot of refigerent an a lot less volume.