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 Posted: Wed Jul 22nd, 2009 06:02 am
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Quoteth thou from the Scripture regarding the Commandments handed down to the Elekrotrolytes? What sayeth yee of the Admonitions of the Preacher Elekroviticus?

To whit:

--Mingle not the waters of the Earth and and the Heavenly Fyres of Elecktrik, for it is an Abomination in the sight of the Lord, and you will surely be damned, suffer Elektrokution, or at least experience a major Kontraption Failure.

--Touch not Elektrik Fyre with thy bare body parts, for it is Holy and thou art Impure Biologic Stuff, made mostly of water, which will conduct the Elektric Fyre to the Impure Earth when thou standeth upon it, especially in a Puddle of Water. Thy Heart will be Smitten and thou will surely dye. If thou must touch the Holy Fyre, thou must use Proper Instruments and Teknike, or thou will surely Dye.

--Mingle not directly the Neutral and the Hot Wyres, for this is a Short  Cirkut, and is an Abomination. It will Blow thy Fuses, Destroy thy Kontraptions, and burn down thy House, and thou will gain an Ignominious Reputation in the sight of the Lord and thy Neighbors, For Ever and Ever.

--Remember thou that the Neutral Wyre and the Grounding Wyre are different in the Sight of the Lord, especially in the matter of Maine and Subpanel Wyres. All know this not, for it is a Sekret Truth revealed to those who walk in the Enlightened Path of the Samurai.  :)