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 Posted: Sat Jul 18th, 2009 06:54 pm
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Hi Y'all: Was hoping to gain some insight and opinions on the processes relating to sweep charging opposed to using a vacuum pump. All through my carreer, it has been beaten into my head that although sweep charging can be done, it should not be and therefore using the pump is the correct way. I have done a fair bit of system work (wouldn't say I'm good at it), and fing myself in a position where I may need to do it on a regular basis. The worst part of system work is hauling in/out all the various equipment since it becomes so time consuming (vac pump is NOT light either)

Others I have worked with have spoke of doing this sweep charge as it is much quicker and less trips in and out etc., and though I've not actually ever seen anyone do this, their repairs seem to hold up just as well as mine. I'm thinking that maybe I need to "dumb down" the process to save my old carcass from excessive wear, and maybe save a little time as well.

If any of you feel so inclined, perhaps you could explain this sweep process, and feel free to chime in with any opinions/suggestions related to this. I look forward to any pearls of wisdom that you may giveth.:hankywave:

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