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 Posted: Sat Aug 6th, 2005 07:14 am
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Hi, when was the wash motor changed? The original wash motor subbed up to a  new part which as a different design wash impeller thats why you can't buy just the impeller. Before the new wash motor came out the impeller was available in a kit with the seal. The newer washer motor was improved in a couple of ways. Its possible when motor wash changed it was still the original setup, thats why i was asking about the install time because newer wash motor as been out  for over a year. This dishwasher does not like any type of hard debre at all no matter what the sales guy says, it will bust up the chopper and impeller end.  The only way you can get a impeller seperate is find a appliance shop that as the older stock, the chopper  is not a problem to get in canada.

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