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 Posted: Sat Aug 6th, 2005 03:33 am
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My Impeller and chopper are damaged on my 30 month old Kenmore dishwasher. (665110719130 - a canadian part number so you might not find a match). Sears and whirlpool will only offer a motor assembly and repair clinic doesn't ship to Canada.

I am fuming that it has broken already. The motor was replaced under warranty and I have spent $100 to have the fuse link replaced. (The technician walked into the house with the fuse link in hand (no diagnosis required) and said "this is version 3 or 4 of this".) I have contacted Sears Canada "Presidents Line" and the best they will offer me is $175 off the total of $285 for the parts. Considering the age of the machine and repairs already done I don't think this is reasonable. I would expect 10 years from an appliance like this. I have poked around on the web and found other people with this problem. My niece had the same problem with their Whirpool machine. I would like to hear from other people who have this problem to see if we can approach Sears / Whirpool as a group. Do you know of any other recourse with Sears and or Whirpool.