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 Posted: Wed Jul 1st, 2009 09:26 pm
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My Maytag FAV9800 (serial number 15247321GA) wash machine is still having problems with being out of balance during the spin cycle especially on small loads.  I have lubricated the bearings in the old clutch with success, but thought the new clutch design would be better.  As a result, I bought a new clutch, part #25001169, and tried to put it in.  Once installed, it makes a lot more noise, clicking sounds like it is bumping up against something.  The new clutch has a white plastic top with two "ears" sticking straight up on it, which is different from the old clutch.  I did not like all of the noise, so have put the old clutch back on after some WD40 was applied to the bearings.  Does anyone have anything on the installation of the new clutch (nothing was sent with the part)?  Is there anything special about installing it?  Any installation manuals?  Help.