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 Posted: Fri Jun 5th, 2009 10:49 pm
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Robin the Hood

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I'm a little late to this here show, but for Christmas, my "child-thing" (son) purchased for moi a "Mr. Beer" Beer making kit.

While the original brew stuff that came with the kit was a little tame (Northwest IPA), with a little experimentation, I have come up with some kick-butt brewski that tastes like heaven!

That little brew keg has not had a moments rest since I got it. Even my microbrew snob friends have given this stuff the thumbs up!

Tonight, my work "Team" is heading to MarDon Resort in beautiful Othello/Royal City, Washington...on tap this evening are a "The Shadow Knows" Dark Porter, and Apricot Not-So-Pale IPA, a Hop and Raspberry Hef, and a Blueberry Canadian with Blackberry Honey (5.6 on that one).

I have a dear friend at work who kinda ragged me to take up home brewing as a hobby; so, in his honor, I have named the entire line of beverages "Blame It On Aaron!"

1 hour, 11 minutes:pint: until quitting time, a full case on ice...mmm-mmm-mmm-mmm-MMM!

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