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 Posted: Tue May 26th, 2009 02:27 am
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Assumming that one has determined that a clogged or partially clogged defrost drain line is not the problem.

I will throw this out for anyone to consume. I have had this problem many times. I have to give this guy a A for artistic. It a thing of beauty I must say. But another method is to purchase a small drain heater either a braided rope type or a plug type. A low wattage heater is a must , 4-8 watts so your not  heating up the freezer. Install the heater into the drain hole and wire the heater in parallel with the fan motor. Thats way the heater is only on when the refer is running. Obviously this will ony work with fan motors than run on 120v. Some of the newer refers run the motors on DC and this would not work. But most of these problems crop up on older units where the styrofoam line under the drip pan becomes waterlogged and is no longer insulating the drain. Or there has been shrinkage of the liner allowing air to infiltrate into the wrong places. I purchased a steam cleaner which works fantastically for clearing the drain line and defrosting a frosted up evaporator