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 Posted: Sun May 24th, 2009 07:13 am
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>Samurai Appliance Repair Man - This is grand praise indeed Sensei.  Glasshopper is humbled by your recognition! :coolblast:


Ya'll like those fancy drip pan heaters huh?  Ha Ha!  Thanks!  After going through the hassle of defrosting the entire fridge 2 separate times to solve the problem, I was determined to give this last try my best shot. 


>Certified Tech Group 51 - Uhhh, Yeahh... the cake..  .  That's a painful memory.  We had to dispatch it to Davey Jones' locker. 


If this rig doesn't fix the problem, then to heck with the Roper.  If I start getting water in bottom sections again, it'll be time to fork out some money for a new fridge.. a non-Roper fridge.