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 Posted: Sat May 16th, 2009 02:17 pm
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Here's my customer story on this.  Bought a Samsung RFG297 and the ice maker quit making ice,  R1 code which means according to the tag on the back Ice maker failure.  No DuH! The auger will work.  I called a repair guy out and one company wouldn't even come out.  The next company came out anf couldn't figure it out so they ordered a new ice maker and control moule.  Parts never showed up and then Samsung called and said I could exchange it for a new one at the store or get a refund.  Had to cut the cord and send in the cod and serial number tag.  Got my refund.  I have to dispose of the fridge myself so its sitting here until i get around to doing that.  Can anyone explain the icemaker operation and what things I can check to see if I can rig it if you know what I mean.   I can read a diagram and diagnose problems if I can understand the mechanics.  Can't find a diagram anywhere or a pinpoint test for the R1 failure.  Also can't get anything from Samsung on it.  Can someone explain how it works.  it has a reset button but taht doesn't do anything.  One clue is the door was left open over night and the ice level arm seemed to be stuck.  I took it apart and frred it up but the ice maker still doesn't work.  It does seem suspicious that samsung was so willing to give me a refund.   Any new news on this?