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 Posted: Wed May 6th, 2009 01:32 am
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I replaced the shocks.  On fast spin the vibration is less - but still there.  After re-re-reading previous posts on this issue, I finally figured out how to manhandle the inner drum relative to the outer drum to try to detect a broken spider.  (Remember the pulley seemed very nice and snug. And no bearing leaks or noise.) 

So I conclude I almost certainly have a broken spider.  I realize I am guessing a bit.  To avoid good money and time after bad - I think it is time to junk this machine and start over with a new machine.

It has to fit under a 36" counter top so that eliminates Stabler and Duet leaving the Duet Sport and Frigidaire.  I am going to post separetly on a recomendation.