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 Posted: Tue May 5th, 2009 11:25 am
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grey one wrote: If the clutch assy. was VERY HOT you may need a new clutch. Had one last week - took out and cleaned and it worked. And boy was it hot after only a minute of running.As far as I know it is still working so it will be the first one I cleaned that worked for long..

Grey One, if you ever feel inclined to clean another one why don't you throw a #10 washer in one of the spring cups too, this will shim up the clutch spring to compensate for worn clutch lining and make a fix last lot longer and make for a much nicer spin.

I've done this many times when someone wants to get by cheap and have never had a problem.

Edit June 16, 2009: The above originally said to use a #8 washer, that was wrong, it should be a #10, washer.  The #10 washer is the exact size of the spring cup so the spring sits squarely on the washer instead of maybe half on and half off with the #8 washer.

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