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 Posted: Mon May 4th, 2009 04:01 am
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The bolt that hold the rotor on in the back also holds the inner tub in. Drain any remaining water from the unit through the small manual drain tube next to the filter behind the plastic access panel on the lower left of the front panel. Remove the rear motor access panel. Remove the bolt and washer at the center of the rotor. Remove the rotor. Take the top off. Remove the spring retainer from the gasket at the door opening. Take the front off. Remove the spring retainer and gasket from the outer tub. The outer tub is two halves with a seal in the middle. If I recall correctly, the heater and thermistor at the bottom of the tub is mounted in the front half. Just take the connectors off of them. I don't remember any but, remove any hoses attached to the front half of the tub. Remove the counterweights from the front of the tub. Remove all, but one one the left and one on the right, of the hex head bolts all the way around the outer tub. Pull the bottom retaining pins from the two front shocks. Lift the tub and remove the two large upper support springs from the left and right of the tub. Remove the two remaining bolts from tub and separate the halves. Pull the inner tub out. The bearings are behind the seal in the rear center of the outer rear half of the outer tub. Tap the bearings and seal out with a flat blade screwdriver. Clean the inner tub bearing shaft and lube it lightly with grease to protect the new seal until it seats it's self and wears in. Now that you took it apart you know how to put it back together. Make sure you replace both bearings and the seal.

If anyone knows a better way please let me know.

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