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 Posted: Mon May 4th, 2009 03:39 am
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dbiberdorf wrote: OK. My relatively new LG washer (WM1812CW), put into use about July 28, 2005, now squeaks when entering or exiting the spin cycle. It cost too much to put up with this. While I plan to call LG/Best Buy (extended warranty purchased), does anyone have any ideas as to what the source of the problem would be? Thanks.

If it starts squeaking again push on the door. If it stops it is most likely the door latch spacing or front panel to cabinet mating. If it does not stop, as with a recent similar topic, suspect the outer tub springs.

Do yo see thin a water stain on the outside of the cabinet from the bottom of the door to the bottom of the front panel ? If there is a stain or the door has forward and aft play in it on the latch side take off the top and unscrew the door latch switch assmy. Install one 3/16" or 8mm flat washer between the switch and cabinet ( with the screws passing through them. This will cause the latch to hold the door tighter.

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