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 Posted: Fri May 1st, 2009 04:30 pm
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This Frigidaire / Kenmore FL has excess vibration / knocking at high spin speeds.  I do not hear any "whoosing" sounds or "jet taking off noises" I have read about on other related posts for this machine.
The rear weight seems secure, no wobble in the pulley (after I removed the belt), no grease from a failing bearing / seal, I hear no eveil when spinning the drum by hand - nothing looks out of order except some fluid (viscous, dark, no odor) looks like it leaked out of one of the shocks.  These shocks are round (like a miniature automobile shock) - not rectangular like the ones I see at the parts site.  Perhaps the round one was (another) poor design?
The new part:

So I figure replace the shocks and perhaps I will be lucky and get a few more years from this 2002 (manufacture), 2003 (installed) machine?