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 Posted: Mon Apr 20th, 2009 07:35 pm
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ok so i got you up to the unhooking of the wiring harness.  i did that, and now the gasket "boot" was attached to the drum and to the front door.  i didn't see how to get it off the door side, so i unhooked the spring retainer and undid it from the drum side.   That's what i was having a very difficult time putting back on since the other side was still attached to the door.

Making progress here!!

So i just bought the pliers.  that should help me put the retainer spring & wire back on.  But my question is this:

How do i get the gasket away from the door side?  If i can do that, i can put the retainer wire on securely -- then somehow attach it back to the door, and i think we have a winner!!!!!!!

How do i do that??????