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 Posted: Mon Apr 20th, 2009 05:54 am
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Others will correct me if I make a boo-boo , so here goes ::  remove top,  remove screw from filter area(bottom left on front) ,.  pry out the plastic cover and remove screws you now see. remove spring from bellows at door opening(which you already have) . remove screws which hold front to cabinet(at the top) lean front panel forward a little to unhook wire connector from door switch. you now have a clear shot at putting the boot on the outer shell . (I hope) never actually changed one on an L.G. going from directions in manual.  So far I have been putting springs on by holding one end of the spring in groove where it belongs , then with a pair of needle nose pliers I stretch the spring so retainer will go into groove - important to keep spring , etc. as close to its home as possible .  If I have you confused as heck , I am sorry , but the secret is to take off the front.       Some times putting bellows back on a LITTLE d/w soap will help - also for installing retainer - too much soap is worse than none..         rotsa ruck!!!