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 Posted: Mon Apr 20th, 2009 03:55 am
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Hey... no sweat because I fixed the thermistor on the dryer. I included what I was doing just as a matter of reference. It was actually easy -- the hard part -- and the part i'm stuck on... is...

THE GASKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have the Service Manual and it was great telling me how to get the whole machine apart.

Where i'm stuck is how to get the door gasket put back together so that the darn machine doesn't leak.

Again, the steps I used:

I had the door open as I pushed the gasket onto the drum from inside the cavity... got it all the way around the drum and then opened the cabinet cover enough to get my hands in there... and tried to get the metal wire all the way around it in the groove, but how do you get it to stay in the groove???? i had one person hold the one side as i man-handled the spring side in. I got it MOSTLY there, but i think the bottom of the gasket popped out because its leaking a bit... and i can see at the bottom of the gasket where its not all the way seated...

Is this the right way?

Those pliers will open up the spring enough for me to get it onto the bent wire, correct? That's really what i'm having a hard time with...