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 Posted: Mon Apr 20th, 2009 12:23 am
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My washer will start up,  fill with water, agitate, drain and spin.  Then after filling again for the rinse cycle it will again agitate and drain but will not spin.  I can of course hear the motor running because it will drain and continue to run after the water is no longer visable in the tub. 

The water valve will energize and shoot a small amout of water as is I believe normal during a spin cycle.

I used a screwdriver to make the lid switch so I could observe the operation of the machine.  I noticed that while the water is still visable in the tub but draining I can remove the screwdriver and put it back then it will spin. 

My wife is tired of making two trips downstairs to get one load of laundry done and is considering slicing open my belly, spilling my steaming entrails onto our floor.

Please master help.