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 Posted: Sun Apr 19th, 2009 11:18 pm
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Ok, so this is the deal... I have an LG WM2277HW front load washer.  It was giving me a "TE" error so i did tons of googling and figured out that the thermistor was the problem.  I am not the most mechanically inclined -- but i figured i'd give it a try.

I got the whole thing apart on my own.  Found the thermistor's wiring harness had broken -- so long story short i cut the wires, used a butt connector, and VIOLA!!! WORKS!!!

Now, i saw all kinds of people having problems getting the spring that holds the door gasket OFF.  I did not.  Was actually not difficult at all.  Getting it back ON!!!!! TOTALLY DIFFERENT STORY.

So this is the deal.... how the heck do you get the gasket back on and then get the wire around the drum and the spring mechanism in place?

This is what I did.. and i'm sure there has to be a better way.... I had the door open as I pushed the gasket onto the drum from inside the cavity... got it all the way around the drum and then opened the cabinet cover enough to get my hands in there... and tried to get the metal wire all the way around it in the groove, but how do you get it to stay in the groove????  i had one person hold the one side as i man-handled the spring side in.   I got it MOSTLY there, but i think the bottom of the gasket popped out because its leaking a bit... and i can see at the bottom of the gasket where its not all the way seated...

But before I go doing this ALL over again, i need to know a couple things...

1 - is there an easier way of doing this?

2 - i read about this spring clamp tool... what do i get?  one that squeezes the eye hooks from both sides together??? or one that separates the spring far enough to latch it? 

3 - how do i ensure that the wire stays in the groove?

I need some simple help!!!