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 Posted: Sun Apr 12th, 2009 08:23 pm
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What is the purpose of the drier ? To trap and contain any moisture in the system.
When the system warms up, the moisture is driven from the drier, travels through the system and freezes at the capillary. Also on the newer refrigerators using compressors (with POE oil) the salts in the moisture coagulate causing a residue (white powdery substance) which is mistakenly blamed on the refrigerant (R134A).
Running the unit without the cardboard in place may allow some more air, but basically it defeats the purpose as it serves to route the air across the compressor and condenser which also evaporates the moisture collected in the drip pan.
A loos of charge would also raise the "superheat" therefore causing the refrigerant to flash before entering the evaporator, this flashing will cause the liquid to boil off sooner therfore you will not have a full column of liquid refrigerant at the inlet of the evaporator. The higher superheat would result in poor evaporator performance.

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