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 Posted: Wed Apr 8th, 2009 03:39 am
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lol... lift up on it when shutting it...

no really lift up on it to re-bend the door a bit... should line up better...

then, don't lean on it when getting out your clothes ! :P

BTW, everyone seems to complain about Sears.... Why doesn't anyone write letters to those appliance complaint websites about how GOOD their washer has been...

1 load per day * 365.25 days/year * 7 years = 2,556.75

2,556.75 washes * approx $6.00/load at a laundromat = $15,340.50

hmmm.... i dont think it owes you anything....

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It is never a bad thing to leave it to the professionals. Inexperience can lead to more damage or risk of injury. You can always call A&E Factory Service (1-800-905-9505), Sears(1-800-469-4663), or local service man you can trust (