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 Posted: Mon Feb 9th, 2009 05:21 am
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Thanks for the info people.  Much appreciated.  This thing is driving me crazy. 

So I was right about the black bar being a heater.  Good to know.  I'm gonna get some wire and wrap it around the heater band and stick it down in the hole.  Before I do that though, I will get a snake from my dad (dad is an electrician) and push it down the tube to see if there is anything blocking it.

And so I now know the copper coils are the evaporator.  Also good to know. 

>RegUS_PatOff - Yes, the metal tray is formed to the contours of the molded plastic it sits in.  I think it was made like that.  If I bent that tray upwards towards the heater, wouldn't the water just go down the hole onto the plastic below, up underneath the tray, and freeze up there too? 

Glad to have the wire wrap solution.  Hope it works.  Thanks guys!  (Glasshopper is indebted to you)