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 Posted: Mon Feb 9th, 2009 03:53 am
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The evaporator is clear, that means the heater is operating O.K...... You do not have a drain heater....... The compressor is starting before all of the water is drained 100%.  ( average defrost cycle is 30 minutes ) After a few defrost cycles, it is completely blocked and the water overflows to the return ducts......(water into the fresh food section)...... You can make a drain heater by getting enough 12ga  solid copper wire and inserting one end into the drain about  2 to 3  inches, the other end you want enough to wrap around the defrost heater about three turns..... just be careful wrapping the wire around the heater, the evaporator has sharp edges..... If the defrost system was not operating correctly, the evap coils would be completely blocked after 5 to 10  days....  the slow drain rate could be a partially blocked drain tube.................