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 Posted: Tue Jan 27th, 2009 02:04 pm
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First you have to remove your belts and take the drive pulley off (one screw in the middle of the pulley and a drive lug, do not loose them).  Then remove the front of the unit to access the tubs and springs.  I recommend you have a piece of 4X4 and 3 metal electrical junction boxes you can pick up at your local hardware store.  Once the pulley is off, the only thing holding the tub and trans on top of the base is the springs.  If you push the tub far back in any direction, you will elongate the spring allowing you to insert the electrical box into it.  When you allow the tub to come back to center, the spring will stay elongated allowing you to remove it.  Carefully set the springs aside when they are all removed.  Once that is done, you then tilt the unit back and put the piece of 4X4 under it so as you drop the unit down, the shaft of the trans hits the 4X4 and raises the tub and trans up allowing access to the pads.  IF you want to remove the trans, and tub superstructure to give yourself more room, go for it.  But it is a little heavy and awkward (Porcelain tub, cement balance ring).  

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