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 Posted: Mon Jan 26th, 2009 10:36 am
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Thanks for the additional followup.

The one I'm working on is a Kenmore with ser# CT, service bulletin regarding the F51 code mentions for prior to ser# CU13 replace the board with part# W10130544 which also subs to the same controller this machine calls for: W10189966.

This machine is just barely 2 years old and she has already had the user interface and/or maybe the control board, (I'm pretty sure it was just the user interface because the control board in the machine is part# W10112112), replaced within the one year warranty period.

As far as having a crimped/kinked pressure tube, I'm pretty sure that's not the problem.  I took the tube off at the control board and blew back thru it with no problem or obstructions.  Also the hose has plenty of slack between the strain bracket were it mounts to the tub and were it bundles with the wiring loom.

Hopefully this new updated board will head off any F51 problems that may have been in it's future.

So far being only a 2 years old machine and these kind of expensive problems already the customer isn't very impressed.

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