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 Posted: Mon Apr 18th, 2005 04:27 pm
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Guillotine4me wrote: I recieved this washer (and matching dryer) for free because I enjoy tinkering with things broken (this way I don't destroy something that works).  Anyway I will be giving it to a struggling family who needs it when I am finished (if it works). I will be ordering the parts for it tomorrow and should recieve them in a couple of days.  I look forward to your posts.:cool:

At least I will know how to replace the tranny when it goes out.:D

Thanks for your help,


did you check with GE to see if the part was covered by warranty?  If you have the owner's manual it should have all the warranty info.   You might find some warranty info on the GE web site.

since it is 6 yrs old, there may be a lot of corrosion around the large hub nut, making if very difficult to remove.  Make sure you remove it correctly because it is left hand thread.....if you apply some penentrant around the nut, it might help loosen it.  And be careful when you remove the split ring or it can break.  You should be able to tap it up from the bottom with a hammer, alternating striking from each side....

and don't forget to reinstall the flat washer under the split ring during reassembly.:)


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